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Dyneema Abrasion Resistant Riding Shirt

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A Dyneema Denim riding shirt made for maximal abrasion resistance, style, and climate control.


Sometimes you need something lightweight, protective, and casual enough to blend in with your surrounding. That's where our riding shirt comes in, we at VKTRE have been riding through California weather enough to know that sometimes less is more. So, instead of compromising on safety, we created the Dyneema Denim Riding Shirt. 

Dyneema is proven to be 10x stronger than steel weight for weight, and weaves in perfectly with premium cotton to create this beautiful Denim. This Particular Denim was woven at Berto Mills, a premium denim company with decades of craftsmanship under their belt. Watch the video below as they test the same Dyneema Denim with a functional road abrasion test!