"VKTRE demonstrates that sleek looks and rider protection can coexist in a sartorially stealthy package."

Hollywood actors Michael Trucco and Gerard Butler sporting the Pilot Racer Motorcycle Jacket in Cognac and Black.

"This Pilot Racer is the Best Leather Motorcycle Jacket on the Market."

"The Pilot Racer Jacket highly impressed with its irresistibly supple leather that quickly conforms to the wearer, and the individual style and high craftsmanship of its manufacture."

"It captures the spirit of LA both in its styling and by being made from 100% locally sourced materials. The leather is supple, the finish impeccable and its timeless styling effortlessly cool." 

"It's comfortable, meticulously made, and manufactured by an American small business using American labor and materials. I love this jacket." - WBW, Certified Worn and Tested review

"Designed in the style of classic aviator jackets from the golden age of piston-powered fighter aircraft – but it includes a series of features to make it suitable for motorcycle use."