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How Its Made: VKTRE Moto Co. Premium Leather Wear.

Starting off right...

What distinguishes average leathers from a designer motorcycle jacket? The answer is a multi-step process that, when done correctly, gives the finished product something that is synonymous with art and rhythm; soul. Yes, a leather jacket can and should have soul to it. It should drape confidently and enhance your style while adding the necessary protection if you ride. There's nothing worse than a leather biker jacket that lacks character. Lets start with the first, and most important step:

The Hide

If the hide in which your motorcycle jacket is cut from is second rate, then the finished product will be as such. There's no amount of finishing or post production touch-ups that can save a cheap hide. They should be avoided at all costs. We only use Full Grain Cowhide, this is the most natural and unprocessed of all leather. No sanding or stamping. A high-quality leather jacket is heavy and you'll know when you first pick it up, this is a sign of true quality. For more info on the quality of leather we use read the blog post titled: Choosing the right leather for motorcycle jackets.

Cutting process and putting all the pieces together

We choose to hand-cut all our motorcycle jackets the old fashioned way. This is to ensure the precision of all cut pieces. When the pieces are cut within millimeters of perfection, the entire jacket will come together in a succinct manner that ultimately you, as the wearer, will feel. This bring us to the next step, sewing the cut pieces together. Each piece needs to be joined and then top-stitched. The top-stitching is the hardest part as leather can only be stitched once, after holes are made by the needle it cannot be undone, so every tailor has one shot at making the perfect stitch line.

Once all the major pieces are sewn together, the hardware is added. Premium G2 zippers (Los Angeles made) are sewn onto the front/pocket welts and size 24 snaps are placed in their perspective places making it ready for the final finishing touches.

The hand-waxing process

The jacket is now fully sewn. The next step is to weatherproof the jacket with a quality wax that will absorb into the leather, nourishing it while adding rain resistant properties. The wax is applied to the entire jacket by hand, special care is taken on the seams, as well sealed seams are integral to properly waterproofing a leather jacket. The jacket is then gently heated to help the wax absorb, afterwards we let the jacket set for a full day to ensure the natural waxes have enough time to sink in before being handled.

The end result is a one-of-a-kind motorcycle jacket that has been developed through a unique set of techniques. To keep your leather looking new, condition your jacket every 4 months with regular use and every 3 months with heavy use. If you're riding in the rain then re-wax as necessary. We offer free re-waxing for all purchases! Hand-built to be passed down generations, the stories and adventures your leathers collect after years of wear are yours to tell.

-Estefan Duarte (founder)

and the VKTRE Moto Co. Team