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VKTRE takes the Moto Guzzi V7 stone through the Santa Barbara Mountains

Whether you live in California or plan on visiting soon you already know there is a plethora of gorgeous scenes to ride through. The Pacific Coast highway (Highway 1) is probably the most popular and never disappoints when it comes to seaside views, its the most ridden highway in our state! That being said, we decided to take it to the mountains for our latest ride while putting our newest jacket to the test!

Sporting a swooped up Moto Guzzi V7 III Stone designed by GuzziTech we trekked out to the highest point. Geared up with the V.MA1 Airborne Jacket loaded with D3O armor and Deth Killer Kevlar jeans; I descended on the mountain with only these two thoughts in mind: Breathing in the crisp mountain air and pinning it on smooth canyon curves. As far as canyons go, the CA-154 is perfect for novice riders and experienced ones alike. the road starts out with a good amount of slow gentle curves and only gets a little tighter once you're deep in the Santa Ynez Mountains. There are plenty of lookouts to stop by along the way that offer a scenic view of the mountains. The Cold Spring Canyon Inn is a must see! They offer food on the weekends and is a gathering place of all sorts of fellow riders, stop by for a drink and a chat. You won't be disappointed!

Cold Spring Canyon Bridge offers a 360 view of the landscape, you'll cross it about 10 minutes into the canyon if you enter through the 101 freeway in Santa Barbara. We ended our trip on State St. in Downtown Santa Barbara, the fun didn't end but instead our good time only got better! Checkout the short promo below shot in the Santa Ynez Mountains and Downtown Santa Barbara: